Sunday, September 9, 2012

An Apology to Steven Moffat...

As a fan of Doctor Who, I am disgusted by the behavior of my fellow Whovians toward Steven Moffat.
It’s a television show.  It isn’t real life and it surely isn’t supposed to bring such stupidity and hate into our lives.  It is meant to be enjoyed, to watch with wide eyes and an open mind.  It is science fiction, which gives it license to go beyond belief and that makes it wonderful.
People that claim that Mr. Moffat has ‘ruined’ the show are completely idiotic.  If you are so up in arms about a television show (fiction being the optimal word in the term science fiction) then maybe you need to turn off the telly and go outside.  
You may not agree with every idea put forth on the show but that doesn’t make them wrong and it surely doesn’t warrant threatening Mr. Moffat.  He is trying to give us a lovely piece of entertainment.  Granted, I don’t love every episode but that is what makes us all individuals, but that doesn’t mean I think they’re crap and aren’t worthy of the fandom.
Mr. Moffat has deleted his Twitter account and I find that heartbreaking.  This man has been cornered by the statements flung at him that he felt he had to step away from us, his fans.  Those of us that follow him and love his work and enjoy his posts are the ones that lost.  We’re the ones that suffer.  
My words to my fandom, grow the hell up!  The ones that are the worst are the immature minds that don’t understand real life and need to really live it before telling someone they’re doing a bad job.
Yes, it is realistic for a couple to break up because they can’t have children, REGARDLESS of the other options out there.
No, a man that can create a character like Jack Harkness is NOT sexist.
If you think you can write a better script for the show, why aren’t you?  What makes you any better than any other fanfic writer?  Nothing.  You aren’t the one employed as a writer for the show.
If you feel the need to keep trying to tear it apart, don’t watch it.  Leave it for those of us that do enjoy it and let the man do his job.
p.s. IT’S A FAMILY SHOW!  It’s supposed to be a bit lame so the WHOLE family may enjoy it. 

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