Thursday, May 24, 2012

Things I Like:

I thought I'd share a couple of things in Geekdom that I am currently crushing heavily on.  I'll share these little tidbits with you as they tickle my fancy.  It's a very ticklish fancy so I can promise lots of geeky goodness.

First, I'd like to share with you the wonders of Steam Powered Giraffe.  This is a band that consists of The Jon, The Spine and Rabbit, three automatons that were...well, you can read their very detailed history on their site.  In real life they are Jonathan Sprague, Michael Bennett and Christopher 'Bunny' Bennett.  They are creative, amazingly talented and hysterical.

These are my two favourite songs that I cannot stop listening to:


Brass Goggles...

These guys are also street performers in San Diego.  Here is one of my favourite street performances they do:


Okay, other than lovely automaton singing troupes, I also have a huge girl crush on Felicia Day.  (Really, though, who doesn't?)  Well, our favourite Geek-Girl not only has a great...well, what isn't she involved in?  She has a video blog.  It is called The Flog.  It is made of awesome with a side of 'I want to be her when I grow up!'  She has her five favourite things and she also has a bit where she learns a new skill set like being a blacksmith and learning about steampunk couture.  She also answers a fan question at the end of each episode.


She is so freakin' adorable!!!

There is a group of actors from Bad Dog Theatre that have been putting on a parody of Game of Thrones.  I WISH they would post full episodes and not just recaps because these guys are hilarious!  If you are a GoT fan you will totally appreciate the in-jokes.  If you aren't, the jokes are STILL funny!

Finally, I want to share a random meme of the day.  It may be old, it may be new but it will always be something that made me laugh.  (Also, it may not be daily as I tend to be forgetful!)  This one is for my Game of Thrones breathren!

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